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  1. Dawoodi Morkas at |

    Americans are the most “used” nation of the world, because their people have toiled to become the greatest nation of the world. However, do they get the fruit of their toil? No. They are made to toil further with the passage of every day. No one knows why and who benefits from their toiling except that they are most certainly not the benefactors.

    Americans are the most indebted nation of the world. Can you imagine? The earners of the highest per capita income are the most indebted. Indebted to whom? Indebted to the Federal Reserve. Who is Federal Reserve? They are bunch of Bankers and owners of Financial Institutions who have made the life of the Americans mortgaged for the money they have loaned to the American Government. What the hell did the American Government do with the money they mortgaged their entire life for? The Governments in succession spent to make the Corporations, the Bankers and the ones who lobby for them, to keep these corrupt politicians in power, more resourceful. With whose money? With the money of the Federal Reserve, borrowed for this purpose. Where did the Federal Reserve get this money? They either printed it or credited in the accounts of the Government to be spent, without any collaterals. I am writing this and I am getting hic-ups, I don’t know how the general readers will feel about it?

    Every American except those that are controlling the Banks, the Financial Institutions, the Corporations and the Politicians are getting rich with the passage of each mili-second, and the general public of America is getting poor in the same ratio and proportion, except, that those who are getting poor, are about 300 million Americans, and those getting rich from their misery are 30,000 ultra rich Americans, and other nationals.


  2. DGS at |

    Nice try, although it will never happen. The Zionists, while controlling the Banks, also controls the US government which includes the IRS.
    AIPAC is just fine and under NO threat.
    NOW, if you happen to bake some cookies and give them to a HUMAN with an Arabic name, the Government (FBI) will spy on you, cause undo hardship, and THEN the IRS will audit you, find fault (even though there is none) and take away EVERYTHING including your home.
    That goes for the people wanting peace as well.
    Peaceniks according to Gov are terrorists.
    Nice Orwellian world we live in.


  3. pete at |

    You guys must be sniffing glue, all of America, the government, the irs, the fbi, cia, etc, etc are all owned by Israel. SHAME ON US FOR NOT STANDING UP FOR RIGHT 50 YRS AGO. NOW I AM AFRAID ITS TO LATE.



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