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  1. Dawoodi Moraks at |

    Iran has shown resilience and fortitude in the stance against the West to draw down on its nuclear program.

    No nation can be brow beaten. It is a message the West must understand, how feeble the opponent. Afghanistan is a point in study, where the nation which has nothing has made the USA the nation that has every thing in the universe, to come to the negotiation table and offer, the enemy, what ever the Afghans wants just to let them off the hook!!!

    Lebanon is a also such a nation which was made to crawl by the West. It stood up in the shape of the Hezbollah, now the West wants to negotiate with them on the terms of the Hezbollah, Iran has played key role in the fight against the USA in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in Lebanon. Not to mention the Palestinian movement, where the Hamas have given a tough time to the Israelis who have all the gadgets that the USA possesses.

    Iran is being threatened by the USA; however, the war with Iran will also prove to be a turning point in history as the world will see another world power in shape of Iran taking the world arena for its court to address.



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