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  1. HCG at |

    Poor little soul, looks mentally ill.

    America’s justice? Be aware that on Facebook they US authorities do “mood data mining” and “detect” terrorist.

    Why are people so intelligent to sign up with Facebook?


  2. Nathan Hale at |

    F.B.I. stands for Ferking Bastards of Israhell, folks! From the earliest days, it has been the obfuscator of TRUTH and the ‘fixer’ of horrific murder and destruction fomented by Israel, globally. Going back to the days of J. Edgar Homo, this criminal organization has truly been about as illegally driven and illegitimate in it’s goals of cover-up and destruction of crime scene evidence, it can truly not be considered a Law Enforcement organization, because everything it does and has done for the lion’s share of more than 47 years, is the opposite of any meaningful law, and that means, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    It has grown more evil and diabolical and driven solely by a PROTECT ISRAEL AT ALL COSTS and PROTECT CRIMINALITY BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT (same as Israel) at ALL COSTS, gang of punks and thugs wearing badges and guns.

    it’s current head, Eric ‘fixer of WACO murders of innocent people by the government’ Holder, has made the dept. of justice a dept. of JUST US, meaning ‘them’ the rich oligarchy.

    But they’re not the only ones. The Central Intelligence Agency, too, is another arm of the MOSSAD on U.S. Soil, and has done more to destroy the United States from within, than any nation external to the U.S. with the sole exception being Israel.

    I don’t know how to tell you people, but it’s been way overdue to disband these KGB and MOSSAD spies on U.S. soil, and hold war crimes and other mass murder trials for all existing and still breathing members of the JUST US dept., and the CIA.

    if this is not done, this nation cannot survive. Freedom and Liberty cannot exist side by side with FASCISM and DICTATORSHIP and total utter trashing of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    It is long past the time to begin the dismantling of these ISRAELI OPERATED organizations, and start holding real trials with real ‘death penalties’ and real ‘life sentences without parole’ as the only fitting and adequate to meet the crimes, punishment.


  3. Zon Moy at |

    figure this is little more than a propaganda stunt to justify even more fascistic laws and probably the rounding up and extermination of all muslims eventually.



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