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  1. Inayat I. Lalani at |

    For years, Mortimer Zuckerman ran a tablopid of a magazine ‘US News and World Report’ which has been nothing but a brazen mouthpiece of the Zionist propaganda and attempt at mind-control. One constant fixture of that rag has been a full page ad by FLAME (an acronym for “Facts and Logic About the Middle East” but which really should stand for “Falsehoods and Lame excuses about Middle East”!). Through it and countless ‘editorials’ on its last page penned by Zuckerman, USNWR tried to brainwash American public by means of lies, distortions and misinformation.
    Thanks to the efforts of the likes of Grant Smith, the rag is now folding, to which I say Good Riddance. American public is slowly but surely being shaken out its sleep-walk as it concerns the Middle East and is beginning to heed IRMep rather than USNWR!



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