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  1. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    It’s a good sign,that,at last VATICAN started responding to the Israel-Palestine conflicts which affected the Christian community too.

    It should keep going.

    May ALLAH bless all human beings on earth.


  2. TruthSeeker at |

    WOW…It is about time for the Vatican to lower its bucket into the well of truth along with other lowered truthful ones.

    “Chosen people”…Hah, were, are or will be. I have never believed in this nonsense, especially in light of the atrocities they have committed since the inception of the state of Israel.

    Added to that, the majority of the Israeli population is Ashkenazim whose forefathers never set foot in usurped Palestine.

    Moses delivered them from Egypt, as mentioned in their account, to descend the mountain and find them drunken and dancing around the golden calf despite all the miracle they witnessed.

    What kind of people are they?


  3. Patrick O'Brien at |

    … the “source” link you provide leads to an unrelated article on the BBC’s Web Site.

    Try this:




    Elias Reply:

    Thanks , I fixed the link



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