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  1. being murdered by puppets at |

    Tariq Aziz is a true Iraqi in that he loved his country enough to stick his butt out on a limb for it. During the war, he could have fled to safety, but he chose not to flee. He knew if he were caught, he could be hanged.

    unfortunately for Iraq, the puppet government there is worse than anything Saddam could have done to them. their country is in shambles. the infrastructure still in ‘ruins’ from bombing of non war or military purpose sites.

    what the U.S. has done to Iraq is a WAR CRIME.

    if Tariq is hanged by puppets, then someday, the poople in the U.S. who have destroyed this nation and looted it, should also be hanged. For mass murder, for illegal wars and illegal occupations of a nation that posed no threat to the world.

    hanging Tariq Aziz is another WAR CRIME, carried out by puppet mass murderers who take their orders from an illegitimate cabal in Washington D.C. who take their orders from the Knesset in Tel Aviv.

    being proxy murdered by Israel is a sad end to this man who’s only crime was to love his nation enough to not want it ransacked by the United States and Britain, for the Rothschilds Banking Cartel.


  2. pete at |

    Reminds me of 1947 when they hung everybody who was in Hitlers cabinet. Many of them deserved it but not all. general jodl for one. he was just a staff officer, later he was pardoned. Im sure he feels better about that now.Though Julius scteiecher was a total moron & rabid antisemite to my knowledge he never killed anyone. I suppose we had to keep the Jews happy. Yes they suffered terribly in ww2 but i dont feel the world should atone for it through eternity.they,re have been millions killed by other regimes through out history but I am sure they were all sub-human because they were not Jewish.Its never going to change. Nobody ever questions the victor



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