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  1. Jason at |

    Jon Faine you are a very arrogant and rude person I have ever heard on the internet.

    Does science scare you ? Or are you just a religous nut?


    TruthSeeker Reply:

    Yes indeed. He is a Jew. Isn’t he?


  2. Northerntruthseeker at |

    Here it is in a nutshell: John Faine is Jewish…. He and his fellow tribe members all know that the Israeli Mossad DID 9-11, and they know that their job since has been to use their control over the media to keep all non-Jews in the dark to the truth.

    Jon Faine does not speak for Australia, because he speaks only for his true nation of Israel. He is following his orders as a good Sayanim agent does and will continue to keep the truth of 9-11 being an Israeli operation away from the public as long as possible while his fellow tribesmen destroy nations by plundering their wealth and have their host nations fight win-less wars for greater Israel!


  3. Randall at |

    Jon Faine is a coward and terrorist of the worst sort. He hides behind his cowardice and hides behind the freedom to speak his mind while ridiculing those who exercise their G-d given rights. Terrorists do not want the truth, they want violent change; they want obedient slaves/victims whom they can tear the wings off of while pretending to claim the rightful freedom to do so. Jon Faine is like the financial terrorists on Wall Street who take and take only to plead innocence when their schemes are seen for what they are by the masses.
    Jon, you coward, the masses see you for what you are. Where were you trained? Langley, VA?


  4. Political Scientist at |


    Dear Mr. Bracken,

    Greetings from Canada!

    You are becoming an international hero for your cool, calm demeanour and persistent focus on the facts of 9/11 in your radio conversations with Jon Faine.

    I listened just moments ago to an mp3 of your first call into Faine’s show, and was immediately struck by Faine’s ignorant, rude and evasive comments and non-sequiturs, all delivered in a smug, condescending tone, while you calmly returned to the facts of 9/11.

    Faine came across as intellectually dishonest, and a paid shill for the “official conspiracy theory” as presented by the 9/11 Commission Report, even as the MAJORITY (6 of 10) of the 9/11 Commissioners, including BOTH Co-Chairmen, and the Commission’s General Counsel, have stated publicly that the Report is NOT THE TRUTH.

    See http://911summary.com/911c.php

    So, why should anyone believe a scumbag shill like Jon Faine??

    And, when commenting on your statements, Ms. Gillard called the MAJORITY of the 9/11 Commissioners “stupid and dumb”. Not very lady-like, eh?

    Good on you, Kevin!! Keep up the good fight. The truth will prevail.

    Best regards from the Great White North,

    Political Scientist


  5. Keith at |

    Jon Faine, you’ve just been to obvious, Mate. Thank you for inadvertently helping us expose the ridiculous official conspiracy theory.



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