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  1. Ben Hur at |

    the united states and israel don’t feel that any other nations should have self-determination or self-governance. the u.s., israel, and yes, britain, think that military might gives them the right to do what they see fit with the globe, and the devil may care what happens to the proles who have to take the blunt force trauma.

    unfortunately, there used to be a time where a counter-valence in form of russian or chinese governments would issue terse warnings to the belligerent nations named in the first paragraph, and sanity would then somehow find it’s way to the table. not anymore.

    the muscular dystrophy in the russians and chinese is alarming, given the fact that they could, if necessary, take action and if a warning doesn’t suffice, make direct threats against the bad boys on the block who won’t behave and essentially say; “no, you’re not going to have this your way this time..”

    it’s unfortunate that a strategic counter-balance to puppetized nato and other rogue forces hasn’t come to the plate and offered the world a chance to stabilize in a time frame where rampant nation looting is happening at the hands of the u.s. and britain with israel calling the shots.

    my best guess is that if enough lawlessness prevails, globally, nations will eventually sink into total anarchy and the governing bodies will lose control to the extent they won’t be able to put the humpty-dumpty of broken and utterly gutted international stability back together again.

    when that day arrives, as it is fast approaching, the chinese and the russians may rue the day they sat quietly in their armchairs and watched the rest of the world self-destruct because of what the u.s. and britain and israel have been doing.

    and that’s a tragic strategic error in a world where emerging central american stability seems to be outpacing the chances of a chinese century of domination.

    cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face is a bad idea, even if that nose is in Beijing and Moscow, ostensibly.



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