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  1. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    You are absolutely right Mr.Jeffry Blankfort.Israel is the enemy of mankind and civilization.It will swallow the entire globe,one day.

    May ALLAH bless all human beings on earth.


    Moses Reply:

    Let us go further. They are the threat to the Solar system.


  2. george beres at |

    We had Jeff Blankfort as a guest speaker in Eugene, Ore., six years ago. He has great credibility on Israel and Palestine, being of Jewish ethnicity, and speaks the truth, no matter how critical of Israel it might be. – George Beres in Eugene


  3. Fayez Lababedi at |

    What Jeff Blankfort says while much appreciated considering the potential backlash is nothing new. The American people are an industrious people with big hearts for the oppressed. They really believe the American Dream, and are confused and hurt by the images of their flag been burned while as far as they are aware America is only trying to help. They are extremely gullible and naïve two qualities that one doesn’t automatically associate with the civilians of the only super power in the world even if it is mortgaged to China.

    I lived for a period of my life in New York and believe me New Yorkers think that anything outside of New York is Hicksville even in their State. They are a very parochial people that are not introspective by nature and leave it to their government to deal with anything that doesn’t affect them directly.

    Try and explain to them that the so called terrorists movement started after the bombing of the US Marine Barracks in Beirut on the 23rd October 1983 which was payback for the Sixth Fleet bombing of the Druze in the Chouf district that were fighting an Israeli Phalangist alliance and they wouldn’t believe you. America had been called to Lebanon to restore the peace not to choose sides in the civil war.

    The Zionists rule New York politically, financially and through the media.

    As far as differentiating Murdock’s media from the Zionist media I believe is just plain wrong, there is no difference. Murdoch is a very wealthy and influential man who wields his power solely for his own benefit just ask his editors.

    There is no profit for him to involve himself with something that doesn’t concern him. There is no money to be made in taking on the Jewish media/lobby over the Middle East and he could potentially lose a great deal of his own power base in Washington.

    Israel is a monster without parallel. It has allegiance to no one and no country except Israel. America that gifts it $3 billion annually from the American tax payer plus obscure programmes designed to give it yet more money. It receives the most sophisticated weapons in the American arsenal on terms that make it almost a gift and it shares the most up to date intelligence even before NATO receives it.

    President Obama stakes his political reputation and that of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the ex-Senator of New York and as close to the New York Zionist lobby as can possibly by asking Israel to abide by UN resolution 242 passed unanimously following the six day war in 1967 for just 90 days, it is International law for crying out loud. Prime Minister Netanyahu repays his ally by publicly and completely humiliating both of them by publically refusing for all the world to see.

    This raw demonstration of Israeli power over the USA should have the ever pliant President Mahmoud Abbas thinking that his biggest blunder was to tie his mast firmly to America on the assumption that America would be able to “deliver” Israel.

    The Palestinians now more than ever should unite. Ignore the traitors Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan and the UAE. Form a government of national unity with Hamas and declare a Palestinian State on the pre 1967 boarders with East Jerusalem as its capital.



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