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  1. ENOUGH at |

    The U.S.A. has this attitude that it can do whatever it wants globally, because it has a nuclear arsenal capable of destroying most of the world, held against the throats of virtually any nation that would say ‘no’ to it.

    I’m quite surprised given the high intensity terror campaign the U.S.A. has waged globally against virtually every third world country that dare get in it’s way in the conquest of resources, be those in the form of OIL or other materials and or minerals the U.S.A. believes those nations unjustly have in their territorial borders.

    My entire life, I have watched as virtually all nations sat idly by and let the U.S.A. blackmail and extort their resources, with only minimal resistance.

    It’s almost laughable the U.S.A. dare wave it’s bloody murderous finger at any alleged TERRORISTS anywhere on the earth, when, in fact, the U.S.A. has almost single-handedly, solely with help from Britain and Israel, waged most of the terrorism across this globe, and gotten away with it.

    Mr. Balles, the 1.3 million DEAD Iraqi’s are just the drop in the bucket. If you tally up the global death toll to U.S. sponsored aggression and MASS MURDER, those numbers would staggeringly be more in the realm of 50 to 100 million human beings.

    I make that claim knowing someone will dispute it, but clearly, the global hegemony and terrorism of the U.S., Britain and Israel, vastly outpaces the alleged atrocities of Hitler and Stalin, and Pol Pot, in virtually every way you count the dead.

    When is someone going to stand up in the U.N. and say; “listen, we’ve HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT!!”


    Enough is goddamned ENOUGH!


  2. StandUp at |

    “Enough” well written account of the West murderous act against Muslim and now we need someone to StandUp against terrorism of the U.S., Britain and Israel. All those in favour of fairness should say to the U.N. bring justice by hauling the thugs to court in the Hague those responsible for the cold blooded murder of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries.



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