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    Why is USA loosing?

    The people of America are made addicted to every thing which has no meaningful purpose in life.

    They have been made couch potatoes by their home entertainment, which provides a cheap and abyss fat gathering class who are only working like machines doing one job after the other to just keep up with their expenses and the rising taxes and rising responsibilities, that increases with the passage of time.

    Every now and then an election is scheduled where in they are made to vote for an individual who has yet to perform and who has been hyped by the media in such a manner that the people have to vote one or the other, out of mostly the two main contenders, and take a back seat for the next four years for that incumbent to either perform as per his/her promise or doom the country if the promise is missed.

    The affairs of USA are more or less given on contract and are managed by the Lobbying firms or the Groups that have clouts and the machinery of the State are slaves of these power firms that hold the entire country hostage to their way of thinking or the way of thinking of their paymasters.

    The working class is just like the workers of an ant colony. They toil for the queen, here the queen are the Media, the Corporations, the vested and interested groups and those that have foreign or ulterior interest in the slavery of the American people to be kept as slaves.

    Americans are made to buy highest costing goods measured in monetary terms, compared to the same goods else where in the world, just because they are “Branded.” Who brands them? What is the purpose of Branding? Why does the cost go so high for the branded goods? No one knows the answers and no one is made responsible for the loot of the hard earned money of the American citizens siphoned off to God knows where and how, and what becomes of their money once they have left their hands?

    Americans are the most “used” nation of the world, because their people have toiled to become the greatest nation of the world. However, do they get the fruit of their toil? No. They are made to toil further with the passage of every day. No one knows why and who benefits from their toiling except that they are most certainly not the benefactors.

    Americans are the most indebted nation of the world. Can you imagine? The earners of the highest per capita income are the most indebted. Indebted to whom? Indebted to the Federal Reserve. Who is Federal Reserve? They are bunch of Bankers and owners of Financial Institutions who have made the life of the Americans mortgaged for the money they have loaned to the American Government. What the hell did the American Government do with the money they mortgaged their entire life for? The Governments in succession spent to make the Corporations, the Bankers and the ones who lobby for them, to keep these corrupt politicians in power, more resourceful. With whose money? With the money of the Federal Reserve, borrowed for this purpose. Where did the Federal Reserve get this money? They either printed it or credited in the accounts of the Government to be spent, without any collaterals. I am writing this and I am getting hic-up, I don’t know how the general readers will feel about it?

    Every American except those that are controlling the Banks, the Financial Institutions, the Corporations and the Politicians are getting rich with the passage of each mili-second, and the general public of America is getting poor in the same ratio and proportion, except, that those who are getting poor, are about 300 million Americans, and those getting rich from their misery are 30,000 ultra rich Americans, and other nationals.

    There is inbuilt lava of resentment for the people who are cheating on the vast majority of the Americans. This resentment is deluding and dissolving the American patriotism towards America by the people. The people of America are getting frustrated with the Nationalist concept. The people are increasingly being felt cheated. The isolation of the vast majority of Americans with increasing individual debts and a society which is divided on lines of poverty never seen before in the history of America is wasting the resources of the greatness of America which lies in the wealth of the people that make America great.

    The looters have not made America. The people have.

    If American people loose their patriotism towards America, America will loose itself and there will be a very big gap felt, just like the vacuum felt when USSR dissolved.

    The media controlled by the Jews have made the Americans addicted to the protection of Jews State of Israel, which is consuming bulk of its economic resources, it is a luxury America cannot afford and has to give up, for its own survival.


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    It is high time The West threw out the Jewish Lobby,thanks to it, bankrupted and killed its own citizens to fight Internationalzionism’s war in OccupiedPalestine(Israel)


  4. Lee Kaplan at |

    This initiative is illegal because boycotting Israel is illegal per US law as of 1997. As such, the initiative will be challenged in the courts. As for apartheid, the Palestinian leadership says no Jews may live in a Palestinian state whereas 20% if Israelis are Arabs with the same rights at Jews by law. This misrepresentation won’t fly for this version of the Arab League Boycott.



    Elias Reply:

    Can you inform readers what U.S. Law prohibits boycotting a racist Apartheid regime that engages in terrorism,Assassinations, massacres,torture of political prisoners, including children, ethnic cleansing, home demolitions, use of Phosphorus bombs on densley populated areas and killing and wounding Children.
    No Palestinian leadership has never stated that no Jews may live in a Palestinian state, but if your talking about the extremist setters, forget it, they are nothing but hateful criminals.
    In fact there was always a community of Samaritans Jews who always lived with Arabs in Hebron. They have lived for centuries in Peace with Palestinian Arabs.
    Before the immigration of European Zionists , Palestinian Arabs and Jews lived in Peace.



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