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  1. Joe American at |

    “Religion has been historically considered as a moderator. It moderates the sentiments and desires of the man so as to prevent him from crossing the borders of morality and modesty.”

    12 Crusades waged (including the current)
    Spanish Inquisition (torture)
    American Inquisition (Gitmo torture)
    Burning of Heritics
    Deystroying other cultures, religions

    Christianity is the moderator of what now?

    How about death and destruction.


    Fakhrul Ferdous Reply:

    Joe,please don’t blame the religion.It is who used religion as tool to commit crime,is to be blamed.There are fanatics in all religion like Islam,Christianity,Hinduism and Judaism.
    The religion have been used politically by the rules all over the world–the history says.

    Thanks to KZ and Prof.JH.
    May ALLAH bless all the human being on earth.



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