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  1. tom dee at |

    I did notice that the IDF had the ability to grab 8 arabs while some how missing the large number of thugs setting fire to the old church. I guess it is pretty clear that they really want only their religion in the area. I wound why the christians support the settlers?


    kate Reply:

    Not all Christians support the settlers, only the Christan Zionists, a somewhat small, very political faction of fundamentalists. In fact, the Catholic church and most mainline Christian churches have official and authentic stances against the Israeli occupation.


  2. pete at |

    Now they burn down places of worship, what next people to the ovens? And thee u.s. doesnt say a fucking word. unbelieveable. What has happened to the land of the free & the home of the brave.Mr. obamastein have you no balls? I cannot believe that we are to cowardly as not to even criticise Israel for this despicable act. Reminds one of the night of the long knives when the nazi,s burned down jewish places of worship. Where are your ball leaders of america. are you selling your souls to israel. If so in time Israel will stick in your ass too. This incident really sickens me. Whats next are they going to burn down the dome of the rock. that would be tantamount to burning down the vatican,perhaps even worse, since the vatican is the catholic churches most holy spot. The dome of the rock is all of islam,s holiest place. I personally am not a very religious man but i truly respect all religions & those that truly follow their religion. But we the U.S. stand by & say nothing about this. Fucking unbelieveable. Shame on you Israel & shame on the United states & especially shame on you Mr. Obame, & i hope you read this.


  3. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    This heinous act of Zionist Israel is not
    an end–its just a beginning of NEO-NAZI
    fascism and racism.

    As the Jews believe that they are the only “Chosen” people and they will rule this world– they will do what ever they like.

    They are not only the enemy of Muslims,Arabs or Palestinians–they are the enemy of all religion,civilization and mankind as I wrote several times in my comments here in INTIFADA.

    This planet will be destroyed by the hands of this ZIONISTS.

    So,the so-called world leaders should act
    now to save the planet earth.

    May ALLAH bless the Palestinians and all human beings on earth from this AZRAEL(Angel of Death).


  4. Abu Salahuddin at |

    It has come to a full circle. Some time ago the Israelites were oppressed by the pharaoh. Now the Zionist Jews have over taken pharaoh in committing fasad by oppressing Palestinians Christians and Muslims. God is testing the faithful like how He tested the Israelites for 400 years, waiting for a deliverer.

    History shall repeat itself. Those who live like the pharaoh shall meet the same fate as pharaoh. The Zionist shall be punished by God Almighty and so put your faith in Him. There’s nothing the security council of the UN can do to stop the oppression.

    The day is near for Palestine to be free.



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