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  1. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    Many thanks to Miko Peled and his war hero father who realizes the reality a long before.
    A two state solution at this stage is not viable–as the settlement plan is being implemented in different new areas like East Jerusalem,West Bank and so on –transfer of Palestinians are encouraged and being pronounced loudly everyday.If even the state of Palestine is declared with two wings(Gaza and West Bank)it will not last 6 months.Think about one state–will it be a viable one?Then “NO-State” solution–that
    is, pack up your baggage and go back you come from, leaving Palestinian land.Palestinians(Jews,Christians,Muslims and others) will live in peace as it was before.
    “the world was always anti-Jew and always will be”– I fully agree with this,because
    the Jews history compel us to believe it.

    Though the President Obama spoke about a viable Palestinian state to be established,but,he will not dare to.He will be assassinate by the Zionists.
    The Frankenstien Israel and the Zionists are the enemy of civilization and mankind.

    If there is any HOLOCAUST-II or WWW-III,it will take place due to Israel.
    “Zionism and Peace are Incompatible”- one should firmly believe.
    Thanks to Mr.Alan Hart.
    May ALLAH bless all the human being on earth.


  2. Faris at |

    A very neat article.



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