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    There seems to be a paranoia about the Muslim world that they are all mad killers. Yes there are extremist,s but their are extremist Christians also. I do not seem to remember any real violence fro the Muslim world before 1967. I knoe very little about the Islamic faith but fro what i have seen they are far more devout than almost all Christians. Its like pulling teeth to get them to go to church once a week, yet a devout Muslim pray,s 5 times a day. I personally am not a very religious man but i respect that greatly. As far as Israel is concerned they took land that was given them by those who had no right to give it to them.But Israel wasn’t happy with that they stole more land by terroristic means.Of course they are looked on as patriots, Terrorists are only the little brown people who are angered because they were thrown out of there own homes. Gee i cant understand why they would be angry about that. Screw the Zionist,s



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