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  1. First, most of the world, including 70 percent of the U.S. population, knows that 9/11 was indeed a self-inflicted wound carried out by the MOSSAD with help from elements of the U.S. Govt., such as the CIA and the FBI, and of course, NORAD. Oh, there were other elements of the U.S. Government who aided and abetted in the cover-up after the fact.

    Having said that, as most of the free world knows this tragic TREASONOUS FACT, it’s unclear what would occur if it were suddenly a concensus in the U.S. that this was TREASON and it was done to us by Israel and our own corrupt government, what would be the recourse, if any?

    Globally, two wars have been initiated, more than 1.3 million citizens of Iraq are now dead, tens of thousands of U.S. servicemen and women are dead, several hundred thousand wounded, some seriously, and the nation is now more than headed for tens of trillions of dollars of debt accrued in the illegal warfare that is still ongoing today, though it’s common knowledge that CIA asset Tim Osman (OBL) was dead in mid December, 2001, and at no time was any of his CIA cadre, lovingly referred to by our own AL-CIA-DA as ‘Al Qaeda’ involved in the murdering that took place that day, except to be singled out and used as set-up, framed PATSIES.

    Unsettling as this is, we now live in the spectre of another Israeli /U.S. ‘false flag’ event similar to 9/11, with the goal of stampeding the gullible population of the U.S. into more civil liberty destruction and freedoms lost, with a predominantly Israeli controlled government in the U.S.

    Though many in the military know, per your work and a lot of other’s work, that 9/11 was indeed an ‘inside job’, it’s very very unsettlingly unclear about what can now be done globally to bring the Israeli’s and the United States into a World Court, even if in absentia, to be tried for the subsequent WAR CRIMES and MASS MURDERS perpetrated by them.

    It’s a nice idea to know that more people know know the truth about who did this, but more importantly, it’s much more imperative now that a WORLD BODY of some sort that is NOT THE UNITED NATIONS or their lap dog, the I.C.C., take this case and begin to issue subpoena’s and hold hearings and then present to all nations everywhere, the facts about the NIGHTMARE that the U.S. and Israel has foisted on the rest of the globe, in a fraudulent and wholly concocted TERROR WAR which has been nothing more than a naked form of resource theft in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is now resulting in the drone murders of innocent civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    9/11 stands as a WAR CRIME NOT YET PUNISHED, but the millions of dead, and the millions of refugees need to have real JUSTICE, and some form of CLOSURE.

    More than 2800 Americans were murdered by the MOSSAD and the U.S. Government that day in 2001, and it’s now time to create a court that is capable of holding the murderers accountable for those deaths.


  2. JoJo at |

    years ago,I questioned in how WTC1 WTC 2 turned into dust and dropped faster than gravity. Both these bldgs was NOT a ordinary demo.WTC7 was.
    My hunch is neno-thermate was only part of the take-down.Looking at the released NYPD 5000+++ photos–not one showed a plane hitting the towers and the turning concrete into dust. I have always stated that nuke Concrete busting Semi Nuke bombs were used–on every floor.
    It takes an outside country to tell us this and still folks don’t accept it
    Lookie here


  3. MrFantastic at |

    Gosh – some anti-jewish tracts. How exciting……

    “Jewish Owned Media”?

    What would you do about it? Anti-jewish media laws? Or just anti-jewish laws….or…what?

    Nevermind that you fail to show any reason at all why prominent Jews in the media or business should be a concern of anyone’s. Why is it such a concern as compared to, for example, privileged white christian men?


    FYI – The towers did not fall “at freefall”: the dust and debris cloud fell faster than the collapse-zone. The dust and debris were freefalling – and they fell faster than the collapse zone. Duh.


  4. Mr. Fantastic, you left out the ‘anti-semite’ card you guys always throw when people mention Israeli involvement in the murders on Sept. 11th., 2001 having been orchestrated by MOSSAD (last time I checked, they had only two main operating bases, one in Tel Aviv, and one in Langley, VA, but the U.S. calls it CIA because people here aren’t ready to see the damned menorah chiseled into the floor there where the old CIA symbol would be if Israel hadn’t totally taken this nation over by blackmailing our turd politico’s with what their illegal wiretapping has garnered them).

    Anyway, the towers did indeed fall in freefall fashion. Check the time, dufus…explain to us how the 47 support columns in both WTC towers suddenly CEASED TO EXIST TO OFFER RESISTANCE TO THE BUILDING AS IT IMPLODED..while you’re at it, take some good deep breaths and watch WTC-7 implode into it’s own footprint with VISIBLE DEMOLITION CHARGES popping clearly along both sides of the building. Once you get finished with that, go punch your MOSSAD time card tonight and go home. Your smarmy, dirty little inuendo about the free fall of these THREE BUILDINGS (two of which were hit by aircraft, one that wasn’t even damaged by airplane components) is a LIE and you know it. You know it was demolition. Lastly, who said anything about JEWS that makes you feel anything in any of the posts merits your implied ‘anti-semite’ bullshit?? yeah, I know, it offends YOU, a ‘jew’ because ISRAEL MURDERED PEOPLE on Sept. 11th. 2001, and the world knows it. They also know about the Mavi Marmara MURDERING done by IDF, and Rachel Corrie’s MURDER, and the murders of more than 34 sailors on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967, and about the MURDERS in GAZA during the last illegal offensive, and the use of White Phosphorous and DU weapons. Oh, I know, that’s pretty ‘anti-semitic’ to decry all this MURDER, but hey, some of us object to some of that, especially since 2 percent of you think you are going to tell the other 98 percent of us HOW TO LIVE IN OUR OWN COUNTRY.

    I think you owe us an apology for throwing your very pathetic ANTI SEMITE implication here, dude.


  5. Dawoodi Morkas at |

    9/11 was a ploy of the espionage agencies of the USA, with other interested group. The Twin Towers were designed not to disintegrate in the never they devolved. There were outside elements which caused the towers to collapse.

    There are thousands of videos and assessment available on the internet and in the technical and engineering assessments that what happened on that dreadful day was a planned event of the God Fathers of America.

    The media of the country are silent expectators on the whole issue, as they are also a party to the controversy, otherwise, an event so randomly conspired that all the loose ends are visible, is not being unearthed and a report of the real fact not put to the public. What the channels like Discovery, National Geographic and like doing?

    9/11 was firstly an act to destroy Iraq, and then the Afghans. In the process of this game, USA it self had to come to its knees, is circumstantial.

    The world is a powerful player. The people are an unforgetting foe. Time unearths every thing. Crime never pays.



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