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    I hate to think what you say is true but it wouldn’t surprise me. Israel controls not only our foreign policy but the united states as well. And we the American people know it. Our politicians are bought & paid for by Zionist money. After all whats a few thousand innocent lives compared to keeping greater Israel happy.fuck the Zionist,s & our lackey politicians.



    But Peter, some of us who’ve done hard research for 9 years do have the answers. We know who did the demolition placements in the buildings, and we know Marvin Bush’s SECURACOM unplugged the explosive sniffing dogs and facilitated Urban Moving Systems, aka, Mr. Dominic Suter, to have his IDF explosives experts camp out in these buildings for months of staged power outages and evacuations prior to the main event. We even know the U.S. Treasury paid Suter nearly half a million dollars for putting these charges into the ’3′ buildings.

    We also know that NORAD ran the entire show from their ’2′ orbiting E-4B ‘Looking Glass’ aircraft, one over New York, and the other over Washington, D.C. that day.

    what more does one need? Indictments would flow like water from any reasonable grand jury if it were to be empaneled in any country OTHER THAN THE U.S. or ISRAEL/BRITAIN.

    in any case, we know who did it. We know WHY they did it. And we know that they’ve so far GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT, just like the CIA got away with blowing Pan Am 103 out of the air to kill ’7′ people who were going to testify before a Senate Panel about CIA drug trafficking operations ongoing, and that Al Magrahi was set up from the very beginning.

    What more do we need? What the hell more do we need, Peter?



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