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    Brazilian President Mr. Inacio Lula De Silva has given a deep hearted plea to the West for the right of Iran to Nuclear Technology.

    Iran is being wrongfully denied the right of nuclear technology on the perceived perception that Iran is developing or has intention of developing nuclear war heads. It is just like when a son is born in an Afghan refugee camp he is branded as a terrorist because he was born to an Afghan mother.

    The West is not issuing visa to any Muslim students for further studies in the West as they perceive the student to be a danger to the West. There are so many other such notions that the West has forethought of the Muslims and the States which are not bowing to their (West) pressure that the general Muslim population is now getting fed up with the ideas of West, and those rulers and heads of states who are toeing the line of the West are finding it difficult to persuade their electoral if there are any electoral, as most of the friends of West in the East are dictators, rulers and dishonest politicians.

    It would be wise for West to let Iran do what is Iran’s right other wise there would be another Bin Laden like mind erupting in the East to teach the West a lesson, which it has been learning in the shape of the state of affairs it is facing in shape of the recession at hand.

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