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  1. Makes one wonder where this ‘constitutional scholar’ got his degree from, doesn’t it? Was it that year when they rolled one of those fake things up and stuffed it into a box of MAC DADDY CRACKER jacks? Surely this stooge of the CIA got his brain so erased that he appears to believe the bullshit and lies that usher forth from his teleprompter fed face.

    I liked it when the african american woman confronted puppet Barry at a town hall meeting, and his Bush II like ‘smirk’ began to morph into the look on the ‘alien’ creatures murder drool dripping chrome teeth just before punching it’s victim’s skull out with it. That was a glimpse into this drone murdering, son of a beyotch’s psyche if there ever was one.

    I can see the ‘race card’ in your hand, about to be tossed because I don’t like this puppet any more than the last puppet, and the puppet before him, and the one before him (ad-infinitum, puppetancy wise) and you can stow it. I dislike this lying turd because he is so full of himself that it’s clear he believes the CIA programming jammed into his head at his fake CIA job as an intern, years ago. This puppet probably has a star of david tattoed in white ink on his sorry burnt brown ass, too!

    I hope that Amerika finally is waking up and smelling the CIA PUPPET COFFEE for once in it’s miserable life, and also sees, just like as Jesse Ventura said about CIA involvement in HIS state’s government in Minnesota, that CIA (ROTHSCHILDS/MOSSAD) operates the U.S. for Israel, and that every puppet almost has to learn how to speak YIDDISH before being vetted by MSM.

    I wonder how long that poor african american woman who confronted this charlatan and liar will live, since she had the audacity to lay the piece of sh*t low on camera, in front of an audience. I can just see it now, either a gas pipe will rupture in her home and blow her to bits, or her brakes on her car will fail, or she’ll be the ‘unfortunate’ one who gets struck down by a random gang war ‘bullet’ fired by a passing car at her home.

    one doesn’t question a CIA PUPPET like that, least of all, it’s integrity (as if Barry Soetoro had any of that) and get away with it.

    This man is, and I thought I never would say this in my adult life, even more egregiously a LIAR than his scumbag Carlyle Group Grope, M.I.C./C.I.A. predecessor, so much so that as much as I hate to say this, I damned well almost yearn for the good old BAD DAYS of the smirking chimpanzee from Connecticut who lives in Texas with his corrupt scumbag daddy.

    And it’s pretty bad when you begin to think that, isn’t it?


    pete Reply:

    I love it soetoro, don’t start the revolution with out me. as some who was born before ww2 i always thought that the united states was right in every thing they did. i even supported Vietnam. was to old for Vietnam or i would have gone if called. It was towards the end of Vietnam that I really started questioning throu u.s. policies. Are biggest hope i believe are the young people today who are a hell of a lot smarter than my generation. Which is why they will not bring back the draft. we get in another bull shit war you would see rioting in the streets that would pale those of Vietnam.



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