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  1. Ariely at |

    Face worldwide reality, learn the lesson and implement it.

    Every group of people prefers to be governed by their own.
    Artificial boarders or imposed boarders are major reasons to conflicts.
    Open your eyes and brain to the world wide reality!
    Arabs governed by Arabs- Jews governed by Israel

    Canada-French want their state: Belgian Flames want separations. Basques in Spain.
    Czechoslovakia partition in 2 states
    Irish and Scotts want independence from UK .
    Tibet and China.
    The many wars in Africa because tribes have been separated or united by Europeans in artificial state.
    Kashmir- Cyprus- Kurds in Turkey and Iraq.
    The Balkan wars.
    The former USSR dissolving into many states and current wars in Russia.

    Avoid future similar conflicts while defining boarders between the Jewish Israel and the Arab Palestine.


  2. Garrick at |

    Every time the conflict dies down, 1) the Israelis resume building settlements. 2) the Palestinians resume their communication of displeasure with small attacks, 3) Israelis escalate the conflict and appeal for sympathy and remind people of the holocaust, 4) the world demands peace talks, 5) the Israelis agree to a settlement freeze in return for and a new and larger amount of military and economic aid from the US. Then it repeats again from step 1.



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