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  1. Richard at |

    Pornography and anti-Jewish bigotry have something in common. While most people claim to disapprove, their actual behavior tells a different story. If anti-Jewish bigotry includes criticism of Israeli policies, then there is obviously a market for it, just as there is for porn. About half of all internet capacity is said to be used for porn; by any definition that is a huge market! If Time magazine can criticize Israel, then there is obviously a market for anti-Semitic news. If there is a market demand for anti-Semitic news then someone will supply it. Freedom of speech and all that. Hey, business is business and personal is personal.
    If one happens to be Jewish, one might want to stay calm…or maybe not; alarmist ranting can be WAY fun! Let me put it this way: if one considers whether to leave America as a refugee from persecution, that is a serious business decision. One ought to ask himself whether criticism of present Israeli policy is in the same category as, say, the Russian pogroms. In other words, does criticism of the present Israeli government mean American Jews are in any danger at all?



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