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  1. pete at |

    We will never be free of israel,s influence. Like it or not they own us lock,stock & barrel. I cannot believe how we lick Israels boots. It puts our country to shame in the eyes of the rest of the world.Nobody can get elected if we say anything about Israel.Wake up America, they are going to drag us into Iran.the U>S> never had a problem with the arabs until 1967. I consider myself a good american but its not hard to see why they hate us. If somebody came to your door in the middle of the night & said you have to move in 15 minutes because we are going to bulldoze your home to give it to settlers you would hate too.i hope i am wrong but i dont think it will ever change with our capon politicians. screw those fudgepacking zionists.


    bingbong Reply:

    US founders would be spinning in their graves at how the US has become Israeli occupied territory! They tax you $$ billions a year and ensure the government and people dance only to their tune!



    One has to ask if the MOSSAD has lost it’s nerve, after the orchestration of mass murder in the U.S.S.A. in 2001. Let’s face it, it took huge amounts of balls to rig ’3′ buildings using Dominic Suter’s gang of IDF demolitions experts, his ‘moving company’ the U.S. Treasury paid nearly half a million dollars to, per Aidan Monaghan’s fine research thru F.O.I.A. requests.

    And Suter is back in the U.S.S.A. again, in his old stomping grounds in New Jersey, so either the U.S. Dept. of Snakes is getting ‘stupid’ for they must know he’s a risk being here, or they’re intentionally allowing him to rig other buildings in the New York area for more demolitions to be blamed on Arabs.

    There can be only one other reason Suter is here, Jeff. And that’s that they want it to be known the MOSSAD can operate at will in the U.S.S.A. and not fear deportation back to Israel for doing so.

    Powerful message to send in the pre ’9/11 part TWO’ about to be carried out here.

    My best guess is that somehow they’ll add a radiological element to this next false flag to allow for the MARTIAL LAW declaration to be seamless and without much hemming and hawing by the Israeli owned and operated CONgress.

    I’ll be very very surprised that Suter’s boys aren’t up to no good again.

    Why is the F.B.I. allowing it? Because they’re part of the MOSSAD, and they’re likely running interference for Suter’s gang of murderers, doing whatever is necessary to cover up as many tracks as possible in advance.

    Let’s be honest about the F.B.I., for them to take into their possession, more than ’80′ camera tapes from 9/11 and not release but a few ‘seconds’ of that footage of the Pentagon attack, means that they were involved in the murder plot from the beginning to be in place and ready to confiscate those tapes en masse that day.

    Just like the Odigo messages that got the 4,000 Cantor Fitzgerald ‘jews’ out of harms way on Sept. 11th., this time, you can bet that F.B.I. and F.E.M.A. will both be pre-positioned for the next false flag attack and MASS MURDER by this illegitimate puppet government of Israel we have here.


  3. Sami at |

    And Jeff didn’t even mention the USS Liberty or 9/11!



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