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  1. Bubba at |

    The relatively light treatment of the convicted spy Pollard combined with various administration’s unwillingness to take a harder line against the Israelis because of it should make the citizenry mightily uncomfortable. It hits at the heart of what it means to be a citizen if those in power are willing to sell out the interests of their countrymen just to further some opaque personal goals. The whole notion of democracy and democratic representation is at issue here. The country would be better off with a benign dictatorship where the ruling powers are not subject to special interest groups as there is no need to worry about elections. I’m not sure that any system of government that subjects the welfare of the many to the control of the few is viable for humans. Democracy and capitalism have sure failed miserably, communism was no better….what’s next?


  2. HOW BOUT THIS at |

    Clearly Pollard is going to be released by puppet boy soon, as a settlement freeze deal with Israel. So, in light of that, why don’t we just sit down and quickly tally up the money spent to house Pollard in near solitary confinement in federal lockup all these years since he’s been caught, and hand the ‘bill’ to Israel to pay us back in Shekels they stole from us in that nice heist that Dov Zackheim and Don Rumsfeld were being grilled by Cynthia McKinney about on Sept. 10, 2001? I mean, if you stay in a luxury hotel for a protracted time, if they’re not running your credit card every three days just to ensure they’ll get paid, they just keep you on a tab. Pollard’s tab must be pretty big about now, and maybe Israel can repatriate some of those shekels that Zackheim took back about 9 years ago to us?

    When you look at Pollard, you see a pathetic and whiny jew who got caught screwing the proverbial pooch, and quite frankly, I’m surprised he’s spent 24 hours in lockup since the entire team of Urban Moving Systems demolitions experts, caught by the Ferking Bassturds of Israhell and sent home with their leader, Dominic Suter, were barely inconvenienced by the JUST US dept for their part in killing more than 2,800 american’s and others in NYC that day in 2001. Why single Pollard out and make him enjoy one of ‘Merka’s finest Penitentiaries?

    I think the people who should be in Prison in liew of Jon Pollard, are every single politician who’s supported Israel all these years, either by bribery, or coercion, or both. And THEY solely, moreso than the inept jewish turd named Pollard, are the ones who much more positively fit the profile for CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for HIGH TREASON.

    What say you, blogosphere crowd? What say you all?


    johan Reply:

    NO need to bill the zionist jew gove. just deduct
    what they owe for thier spy from what we(US) give them every yr. f/free.
    Note; the jews named a street for this son of a bitch,US probley paid for the street signs!


  3. j r at |

    Hang him and send Israel a bill for the rope.


  4. pete at |

    why doesn’t the cia give pollard a planned heart attack. it wouldn’t be the first time they did something like that.I guarantee you that israel will force us th hand him over. we are probably just waiting to see what kind of bullshit we can use to mollify the American people.As far as Israel stopping new settlements i exchange for pollards freedom, BULL.If you believe that then you probably believe in Santa Claus & the tooth fairy. It aint ever going to change guys, but i hope i,m wrong.


  5. ACTUALLY, PETE at |

    that fat scummy pig Pollard is about one Big Mac away from his myocardial infarction, if my guess is right, and they ought to have both he and Bill Clintonstoned sit down together with a sack or two of those and someone else go hide the goddamned defibrillator or take the batteries out…and watch the fun.

    If Barry Soetoro swaps Pollard for 3 months of settlement freeze, this signal to the MOSSAD is this; “y’all come on over, if you get caught and the wrong part of the F.B.I. that you own and operate here, catches you…we’ll cut you a sweet deal and let you stay in the Biltmore in NYC, ‘under house arrest’ with room service and hookers, and we’ll even book you first class on your El Al flight back to Tel Aviv when it’s time to go home and debrief..how’s that sound??”

    But, as you all know, neither fast food nor an elboy vigorously applied to Soetoro’s skull will keep this travesty of justice from going forward. They’ll send Pollard home, apologize profusely to his sea daddy, BiBi Netanyahooooooooooo, and probably pay the Israeli’s ‘back pay’ for all the years Pollard was incarcerated here. After all, this is AMERK’A, right!


  6. johan at |

    aS a retired spec/op MACV SOG army man who
    got my start in Vietmam,this(above) is exactly why I moved to Holland as a expat the freedom I experence here & in Europe is
    much more than is avaible to me in U.S.,
    don’t get me wrong there is lots of problems here but it is also caused by the
    zionist controled banks also same as U.S.
    Spain is being taken over by thier own illegal immigration(African’s are thier version of America’s Mexicans)I will say
    the youngest Arab cab driver in Amsterdam
    is much smarter about the world then anyone
    whom I met in the last 10 yrs. in U.S.
    the schooling here puts U.S. to shame,I really belive we have become the unschooled
    bully of the world,looking back now I see
    how much I was brainwashed”too late too smart” As much as I dislike H.Kissinger I
    now agree w/his statement made just before
    he adressed the Bilderberg meeting in Turkey”What we in America call terroists
    are really groups of people that reject the
    international system,the new world order”.
    I worked starting in 1978 to expose the zionist movement in U.S. all I got was IRS
    vist’s 3 yrs in a row American’s did not want to learn that they were losing control
    of “thier” gove I bought copies of the spotlight & GAVE them away f/free I gave talks I tried but they were not able or
    ready to learn now I’am 70 I give up I’am
    going to enjoy what yrs. I have left,I feel
    America has pasted a tipping point of stupid!


  7. Richard at |

    Folks, I don’t worry about Pollard. He was probably the most incompetent spy in history. He drew attention to himself with bad behavior at work. His boss was eager to fire him. One of the few ways to fire a federal worker is for mishandling classified information. The boss decided to investigate and the rest is history. If Pollard had been a good spy he would still be spying today. Pollard was not especially talented in any way; there are thousands who could do his job better. I believe thousands are, including Jews and Gentiles, spying for Israel, China, any country with money. I assume Israel has access to any secret we have, including the ability to launch our nukes at any target, including our own cities. My suggestion: forget witch hunts. Just get rid of our empire. Protect the Atlantic and Pacific, along with the Western Hemisphere. The rest…fuggedaboudit as they say in New York. Ron Paul in 2012


    pete Reply:

    Actually richard, incompetant or not he should never be handed back to israel. I hope he has his heart attack before we give him up, which we will now that our president found out who butters his bread.


    Richard Reply:

    My point: let us NEVER assume Pollard is the only one. He is not; he is at best a fall guy, one of their least valuable that they let us catch so they could say “see, you caught him; he’s the only one.”
    Let us assume the Israeli government knows every secret we have. Let us secure our nukes so well that even WE cannot use them without many levels of approval, in order that Israel cannot use our nukes. Google Minot+Barksdale+nuclear.
    Let us give up our empire and defend ourselves ONLY. Not Israel, not Europe, Japan, South Korea, or anyone else. Let us stop building expensive weapons that we have to give Israel for them to reverse engineer and sell to China and Russia.
    Let us understand how completely we are penetrated by Israel and China. TODAY, Israel could WIN a nuclear war against the USA, using our own nukes. THAT worries me….



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