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  1. Thomas Swenson at |

    Well, Prof. Davidson, I followed you right up to hoping the Democrats do well in November. Obama and those Democrats who are at risk of losing the election are either pro-Zionist or completely craven to Zionism. Consider, for example, the recent letter of support for Israel issued by the House and , of course, the annual appropriation of military aid for Israel. Even the very few Democrats in Congress who vote against such measures do so quietly instead of using their position (as you do, Prof. Davidson) to protest and to oppose US support. Nothing about Obama suggests he will ever have the “courage to lead” (one of his campaign slogans). In fact, Obama has always been honest about his support of Israel both during his election campaign and as president (consider his selection of R. Emanuel as chief-of-staff and his consistently pro-Israel statements).

    Democrats deserve to lose in November, even though Republicans do not deserve to win. Regarding their idiotic and immoral financial and political support of ethnic cleansing in Palestine and wars in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan (and threats of war with Iran), there is substantially no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Better to have the cowardly, immoral brats squabbling in a split government than to continue with an immoral Democrat Congress prepared to rubber-stamp an immoral Democrat president.


  2. David Kabat at |

    While I agree that Zionism is wrong, I believe your article submerges truth and is therefore intellectually dishonest. For example, you assert that the following are “all substantially true” (for the moment, let’s ignore the fact that the word “substantially” can hide many lies):
    (1) that “Iran has no nuclear weapons program and there is no hard evidence to the contrary”. You must know that you have no basis for stating that Amadinejad’s assertion that they have no nuclear weapons program is “substantially true”. We all know they were found to have hidden undeclared enrichment facilities, which have been verified.You also don’t know what “hard evidence” may exist because intelligence sources are usually not publicly revealed.
    (2) The statement that “no declared nuclear material had been diverted to military use” is obviously gibberish. Of course everything “declared” would not have been diverted.
    (3) Your statement that Amadinejad “does have a civilian controlled government is ridiculous. It is a theocracy, as you must know.
    (4) Your arguments that Amadinejad is not anti-Semitic are pathetic. You say “unfortunately, he does question the extent of the Holocaust, and for various historical and political reasons that is enough to earn him the anti-Semitic label…” Well, he doesn’t question its “extent”; he asserts it never occurred. He also says Israel should be destroyed.
    (5) Oddly, you finally state that “if Amadinejad was such a flaming anti-Semite, the 25,000 Jews in Iran would not be in as good shape as they are”, and you also label them as relatively well-off and prosperous, which is a common aspersion. Your statement seems to understand that Amadinejad could turn his Basij thugs on anyone he chooses, and that the fact he hasn’t done that proves he is not anti-Semitic.
    Considered all together, it is clear you are willing to bend facts in order to make assertions that are uncertain.


  3. molly at |

    David Kabat:

    Before you accuse someone else of bending facts, you need to check your own. You are mouthing propgaganda, and at the same time, apparently you can’t read.

    “Of course everything “declared” would not have been diverted”
    The writer did not say “everything declared”.

    “Well, he doesn’t question its “extent”; he asserts it never occurred.”
    That’s not true. He has questioned the numbers who died. So have others who are not Ahmadinejad, nor anti-Semitic. It’s an academic exercise to some scholars/historians.

    “He also says Israel should be destroyed.”
    He didn’t say that either. He said that ‘this (Zionist) regime should be wiped from the pages of history’. That is not the same as destroying Israel.

    “Your statement seems to understand that Amadinejad could turn his Basij thugs on anyone he chooses, and that the fact he hasn’t done that proves he is not anti-Semitic.”


    You should really sort your head out.


  4. Before I get started here, I want to make a statement about Israel. First, Israel has never shown and interest to join the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. It has nuclear weapons. It has between 200 and 500 warheads, according to former Central Intelligence Agency personnel who were working on non-proliferation issues in the world.

    Now, having said that, Amadinejad is absolutely correct. Unfortunately, ZIONIST CONTROLLED MEDIA in the lion’s share of the globe will not allow the truth about ISRAEL to be known by others, particularly in the ZIONIST CONTROLLED U.S. MEDIA. If you look at the composition of who owns the major media organizations in the U.S., they are ALL ZIONIST JEWS TO THE LAST MAN, so it’s not too very likely that they’re going to let the world know that Mordechai Vanunu was in-fact, not whistling dixie when he told the world about Israel’s nuclear program.

    Next, it’s pretty clear that John. F. Kennedy was trying to get Dimona roped into some form of compliance, before his brains got splattered all over the grass in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. The uranium that was ‘stolen’ and diverted to Israel for it’s nuclear program, was intentionally diverted by elements of the U.S. Central Intelligence agency with Mossad help. I’m not saying that this disclosure about JFK trying to ‘control’ the Israeli weapons program at Dimona is the sole reason he was murdered, but cutting the tentacles off the FED with Executive Order 11110, which, in effect, UNPLUGS the Rothschilds zionist jewish banking consortium from USURY of the U.S. population, probably WAS a factor in JFK’s murder.

    The demonization of Amadinejad by ZIONIST JEWS in the U.S. is uncalled for and unfair. Zionist Jews ‘murdered’ peace activists on the Mavi Marmara in May of this year. They murdered New Yorkers and people at the Pentagon on Sept. 11th., 2001, and this now is not a disputed fact, it’s an ESTABLISHED FACT. They killed American sailors on the U.S.S. Liberty in May of 1967, and one of their Mossad operatives came to the U.S. to threaten a U.S.S. Liberty survivor just a few weeks ago.

    I don’t care how you slice it, Amadinejad is RIGHT ABOUT ISRAEL and the U.S., and the ZIONIST SCUM WHO DEFEND ISRAEL need to be deported OFF OF U.S. SOIL for their TREASON.


    Amadinejad is right. And you know it.


  5. Jay C. at |

    zionism is inherently WRONG and EVIL. http://www.zionismexplained.org It is Craven and an in-grown toenail http://www.MARWENMEDIA. And for those who are UN-aware, those crying “anti-Semite” at every criticism of israel should know, MOST jews are NOT even Semites !!! http://www.WIDEEYECINEMA.com/?p=6662 OVER 95 % of the Semites in the world are ARABs !!!


  6. Jay C. at |

    “Glitches” like this occurs when people call in to C-SPAN where they are routinely cut off abruptly or are not even let on the air. Discussion of israel, zionism or the jews are rarely entertained. So. we must SPREAD the TRUTH about israel http://www.JEWISHTRIBALREVIEW.org , the jews http://www.JEWWATCH.com and zionism. http://www.REALZIONISTNEWS.com And WAKE the WORLD UP, http://WAKE-UP-AMERICA.net and let them SEE what is REALLY going on. http://www.WHATREALLYHAPPENED.com/palestinians.html The jews’ holiest book, the talmud says ONLY jews are human… READ it for yourself. http://www.HOFFMAN-info.com/talmudtruth.html KNOW the TRUTH!! jews BRAG that they CONTROL America !! http://100777.com/node/500 http://HOLYWAR.org/S11.htm Are YOU willing to accept this ?


  7. robertsgt40 at |

    “…the man does head a civilian controlled government that can be quite ruthless…” And Obama is not? GITMO, invading two, soon to be three sovereign nations based on fabricated evidence. Million dead Iraqis. No hypocracy here. BTW, Iran hasn’t invaded anyone in 200+ years. How about Israel? “…he is factually wrong about the Holocaust…” He is absolutely on target here. You forgot to mention when Amadinejad held a conference onn the Holofarce Rabbis Against Zionism attended and can be seen shaking hands with him. The “mystical” 6 million was floated in 1919 after WWI(look it up.) Oddly, no mention of Holocaust in Churchill or Eisenhauer’s memoirs..hmmm. Why is ther no discussion of Holocaust in academia?(punishable by imprisonment in many European countries, Canada and probably here in the U.S. soon) I suggest Mr. Davidson, you wouldn’t have a job next week if you brought up the topic in class. I think you understand who butters your bread. What does it feel like to be a hooker for Israel?



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