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  1. NO IT DOES NOT at |

    Mr. Davidson, as you are aware, the International Criminal Court or I.C.C. in the Hague, Netherlands, is another ROTHSCHILDS RUN JOKE ON HUMANKIND.

    there is no nation willing to stand up and demand that RULE OF LAW be first, ESTABLISHED, then secondarily, ADHERED TO.

    with no teeth, RULE OF LAW is as moot as any other common sense regulation or norm that society should abide by and preserve.

    We’re well beyond the tipping point. The Magna Carta is long long long gone.

    It’s unclear if it ever was ever truly respected.


  2. pete at |

    Since when did Israel or it lackey ,the United States ever recognize international law when it might be applied agaist them. Never happen & never will. We are the stooges of nazi Israel. Will it change?. I doubt it .



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