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  1. Tom at |

    This man should not be in prison. George Bush and Tony Blair and all of their accomplices in this most immoral of aggressions should be!


  2. KingofthePaupers at |

    “They killed our country.”
    Jct: Amerika has killed lots of countries. All my life since the 1950s, Amerika has been invading other countries. They killed 3 million Vietnamese over their phony Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and have never apologized. Those with the big guns don’t apologize when they kill. The only good think is that Amerika is turning into a gulag and the citizens are soon going to get a taste of what they’ve been dishing out to others. When their torturers come home, they’ll have home-grown buyers of marijuana now labelled supporters of terrorism to go after.


  3. Bonnie at |

    You’re victims of America and Britain.


    Well, we, nobodies in the U.S. and the U.K. are victims of the Feds, who are actually controlled by the scum isralies.

    We’re just waking up to it!

    We’re late,but we’re struggling to overcome. Not withstanding, the massive flux of Mexican illegals and gthe Colombian cartel along with them!

    And tont to mention the, horrendous BP poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico.

    The Elite rulers are this way:

    Israli Board of Rabbis—->giving their Work order to Queenie in the U.K.—> Queenie giving the Work order to the U. N.


    Israeli Board of Rabbis—>giving work Order to Netahanyu—-> N. giving work order to Obama—-> O. giving workorder to BP—-BP giving work order to U.S. Coast Guard in the Gulf of Mex.

    It goes along those lines. And somewhere they link.

    We, noboidies of the wrokd are in a lot of trouble. We have to drop our differences of race/religion to link elbows. No doubet about it! There’s no other way.

    May the God of All Life, be with us!


  4. Cold Wind at |

    ..And All the King’s horses and all the King’s men cannot put Iraq back together again…but this is precisely what Israel and its US Fifth Column of traitors wanted.

    If the Jewsih supremacists win out, Iraq is but a forshaowing of things yet to come..our future world, broken men, broken lives.

    But there is an alternative. We could fight back and make them pay for what they have done.



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