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  1. M. Rocknest at |

    Maireid Maguire has compiled an excellent rebuttal to the BBC pro-Zionist piece. I have to admit I didn’t even bother watching the Panorama program because I had a heads up on its intent from several alternative news sites. The BBC owes the humanitarians of the Freedom Flotilla a huge apology and needs to set out immediately to produce an accurate representation of what really happened aboard the Mavi Marmara et al. Instead of speeding around on an Israeli zodiac Jane Corbin needs to walk the roads of Gaza listening to the perspective of the people there and do in-depth interviews with the flotilla members. Viva Palestina!


  2. Holden at |

    This above a joke. The Marmara ship’s own videos clearly show the IHH thugs well prepared with many kinds of weapons. Slingshots and marbles, knives of every description, clubs, pipes and many came prepared with bullet proof vests and gas masks.

    They weren’t “peace activists” at all. A number of the same Turks participated in the Gaza convoy that caused violence in Egypt, resulting in the death of an Egyptian soldier and the deportation of organizer George Galloway from Egypt.

    Maguire’s protestations do not have the ring of truth.

    These people came for war. At least be honest about it.


  3. Harroon at |

    Egypt intercepts shipment of 190 antiaircraft missiles
    08/28/2010 17:30

    Authorities uncover large weapons cache hidden in Sinai, reportedly destined for smuggling into Gaza; more ammunition and explosives seized in Rafah.

    Egyptian authorities intercepted a shipment of at least 190 antiaircraft missiles in Sinai probably destined for Gaza on Saturday, Palestinian news Agency Maan reported.




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