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  1. Robert H. Stiver at |

    This is a generally brilliant analysis by Dr. Davidson. The only concern I have is that the crucial role Hamas must play in any stand-up of a viable Palestine should have been addressed. As the Zios, the U.S., and Abbas the Quisling himself drive Hamas further into an isolation and fundamentalism I’m sure its prime leaders would not espouse otherwise, the stage is being set for more decades of resistance, hatred and conflict. We progressives neglect at our peril to recall that the Zios immediately grabbed and imprisoned some 40 Hamas elected leaders in 2006 and successfully applied the latest ZioUSrael divide-and-conquer/rule strategy. Who cannot be convinced that, had Hamas been able to assume its legislative prerogatives and co-govern with Fatah, the Palestinians would be in far better shape in this 2010? It’s all by Ziodesign, this fragmentation and division within the Palestinian polity. I’ll close with my mantra: Zionism has fallen into a collective psychosis, erupting at more and more frequent intervals, in criminal fashion. Jewish and Christian Zionists and assorted fellow travelers are the agents of this Ziopsychosis…it must be recognized, confronted, offered treatment, and permanently put in an asylum operated by stout and sane non-Zionists if treatment, for the ideology and its individually sick members alike, is refused.



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