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  1. Greg Bacon at |

    The line ” Militant Islam is dedicated to global conquest and the destruction of Israel, America, and the West,” should of read: ” Zionism is dedicated to global conquest and the destruction of Palestine, America, and the West.”

    America is being robbed blind from within, by Zionist agents in the Federal Reserve and those “Too Big to Fail” Wall Street banks.

    I defy the MK’s to find me ONE, just ONE Arab or Muslim that is on the boards of either of those rapacious institutes.


    Vox Reply:

    Or that sits on the board of directors of any University in the USA or that owns, controls and directs Western media outlets, or that controls or owns……. (fill in the blank)


  2. Handy Fuse at |

    I’m glad you’re calling more people’s attention to Israeli-government-supported indoctrination of American university students into “Christian Zionism.” But this is not new news.

    Israel Today reported it and I wrote about this remarkable program in 2007.

    See “Foreign Agents of the Day”




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