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  1. Tony at |

    It is time this senile old goat is put out to pasture.
    “There are several million Muslim voters, and for many members of parliament, that’s the difference between getting elected and not getting elected,”
    What does he mean?
    Is he suggesting that we suspend democracy because we have to many Muslims?
    Our foreign policy is and has been all my life influenced by a small ethnic minority, and it aint the Muslims


  2. j r at |

    Israel’s big problem is the vermin running the country, like Peres.


  3. Paul at |

    Well well Mr Peres what an interesting interview. I am English and I find your comments offensive, but then again much of what secular Israel does these days I find offensive.

    Mr Peres if Israel acted like a democratic state and honoured UN resolutions and stopped ethnic cleansing then maybe people would have a different view. Your media machine can only keep the gloss on Israels image for so long.

    The fact that Jews in other countries may be the victims of racial attacks is wrong and unaccceptable, especially when Israel is a secular Zionist state.

    I have to ask though Mr Peres, what is your real worry, is it that slowly foreign governments are having to take note of the fact that people around the world are able to see what Israel is really up to? Or is it that you want more British Passports for your gunmen?

    There is racism all over the world Mr Peres including your own country or is that ok? Is it wrong for Jews to be attacked in Britain but OK to have troops bash up Arabs in Israel?

    Mr Peres you need to get your own house in order before you complain of others, iit is bit like the speck in your brothers eye vs the plank in your own eye. I feel more confident in the ability of the British Police to track down right wing thugs than I do in your own state security forces abilities to protect Arabs.

    In Answer to the comments on the British media being bias, wow you must mean the occasional non pro zionist piece that appears. Does this mean that the British media has to be totally bias towards Israeli Zionism before it is acceptable? Does Israel want to run the British media? (well the bits they do not have sympathisers running already)

    As for Mr Edad, well his father was a terrorist and he obviously supports state terrorists so what else would you expect from him. Anyone around the world that does not get on their knees infront of an Israeli flag and pledge allegience to it must be anti semitic in that guys eyes.

    Mr Peres you are wrong about Britain being pro Arab and anti Israeli, unfortunatley.


  4. Geltmeister at |

    Peres, like the Zionist Israeli government, are terrified and getting desperate. The cat has climbed out the bag, knocked over a large pan of beans and is now opening a can of worms.

    It’s too late for Peres and his Zionist regime, the damage is done and is irreparable. Insulting millions of people with ridiculous lies just makes it all the more sure.



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