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  1. Thomas Swenson at |

    Dr. Davidson, your bleak assessment is totally correct. Instead of considering the motivations and causes of the 9/11 attacks, the US body politic entrenched itself even deeper in its mean, immoral, unjust, nonsensical, self-defeating policies. The fundamental problem is not the various US governments (presidency & Congress), but US citizens who consistently elect them. There have been better alternatives (e.g., Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Green Party) to the immoral, spineless mainstream Democrats and Republicans, but they have been consciously rejected by the irresponsible voters. Voters in the US (and UK and Canada) could easily improve their own collective situation, as well as cure the situation of the two individuals you described, but they choose not to.

    I once heard a pundit say Americans actually like war, they just hate losing them. Things might not change until the Americans understand they are losing. The problem is that they will cause a lot more damage to others before they ever understand the many costs (to themselves and others) of their wars. Voluntary change would require common sense and/or common decency, which are severely lacking in the US and other Western body politics. Even if US citizens become absolutely impoverished, their lack of common sense and their nationalistic arrogance would probably prevent them from voting responsibly or in their own self-interests.

    The only realistic hope for a positive change to US foreign and domestic policies is further economic decline of the US and the West. If the US economy becomes absolutely devastated, then the US might simply be unable to afford its irresponsible conduct. So, in a perverse way, continued deterioration of the US and Western economies could, in the long run, be a good thing for the West and for the rest of the world.


  2. Patricia Parker at |

    I am ashamed that Canadians aren’t standing for this young man. We went into this crazy war to appease the Americans…how many times do Americans have to invade other countries to understand they will not win, will only engender more hatred for the west…
    And for anyone who can remember they went to Afghanistan to find Osama, the Taliban were not the enemy, but they made them one so they can continue this war.


  3. Illusioned1 at |

    Dear Dr. Lawrence Davidson,

    You are right in so many ways. Except one. There are people who care, here, in Canada, and in the US as well. I am following the story, get the information out there, sign petitions, but there is a definite lack of organization. If Amnesty International would host an event here – trust me, attendance would be high. Canadians would never support a prosecution of Khadr on their soil – hence why he isn’t here :( I wish there would be protest I could join.

    There is a real problem though – the media. The media here purposefully avoids mentioning PFC Manning. On the day of the War Logs release he wasn’t even mentioned, although he was already “suspected”. When Mike Rogers suggested to execute him – no mention either. It seems to me that the public is indifferent, because they are fed up of being fed a political agenda by the news media.

    Great article,



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