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  1. gates is an incompetent clown at |

    Unfortunately, the changes that Gates was trying to implement to the paltry savings versus the massive rip off and blatant misuse of public funds for stuff that’s either fraudulently not real or inadequate for use by the military, is as if Gates is getting credit for putting a band aid on a big toe that’s got a hangnail when the patient is pumpng blood out of a ripped off arm socket or through his carotid artery.

    The Pornogon as I call it, is stealing the life’s blood of the nation and pissing it away on illegal wars against nations who have done nothing to merit their being attacked and destroyed and then occupied.

    The people want this to end, but the government is deaf to our demands that it end.

    Gates is another incompetent, bungling fraud, and his efforts lack merit strictly because he has done more to substantially increase war making and warmongering than he has done to stop fraud, waste, and abuse.

    In a real world, he’d be tried for being an accomplice to HIGH TREASON for his actions. They merit it.


    dave cassidy Reply:

    Well Said


    Thomas Swenson Reply:

    Your comment: “The people want this to end, but the government is deaf to our demands that it end.”

    Actually, the people don’t want it to end. Otherwise, they would vote differently. There are alternatives to the usual Republicans and Democrats, but these parties keep nominating the same useless, spineless candidates and the electorate keeps electing them to office.


  2. Greg Bacon at |

    I have some cousins that work for Boeing and they are tried and true war mongers.

    Bring up 9/11 and point to the obvious and they’ll look at you like you were some kind of escaped mass murderer, then they’ll start babbling about those 19 Ayyrabs with boxcutters…

    This nation is up that creek and the paddles are nowhere in sight.


  3. Bhanu Tiwari at |

    The second I saw this astounding The End Of Nations Hubpages piece I convinced myself that Intifada Palestine’s viewers must have an opportunity to read this link! http://hubpages.com/hub/Global-Union-The-End-Of-Nations



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