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    Astonishingly, the U.S. public ignored the banality the U.S. did at Abu Ghraib, the gleefully smiling american females in uniform giving ‘thumbs up’ signs over dead corpses, and bared teeth grinning soldiers while piling up Iraqi’s like cordwood.

    Don’t just blame this crap on Israhell. They very well may have finally gotten caught at it, but the U.S. is FIRST TORTURE STATE and always will hold that dubious and sickening distinction, forever, way beyond Japan and Germany.

    this is another case of the POT calling the KETTLE, black. No more, no less!


    davol Reply:

    I disagree that America is the “first” torture state in this. Maybe America is the “second” torture state, but the whole point of this Eden Abargil story is how normal torture is for a state like Israel that has been up to this way before it somehow became acceptable in post-9/11 America. I think this distinction is important because Israel did not learn torture from America. I’m very convinced that is happening the other way around. And too bad for America because frankly America was always a better idea than Israel.


  2. Loup at |

    The case of Eden Abargil is a duplicate of the case of Lynndie England at Abu Ghraib.

    They’re almost interchangeable, as though they originated from the same cast.

    The question is: “What” or who’s casting them? There’s a “look”, some kind of “trademark” here. A very low level of consciousness, indeed, absence of empathy, a sort of shallowness with an almost “cool” “cuteness”.

    As though “Business as usual” had been transmuted into “Horror as usual.”

    Just jotting that down.

    It’s not exclusively “Israelian.”




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