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    epitome: a person or thing that is typical of or possesses to a high degree the features of a whole class

    So all this (admittedly vile) stuff mentioned in the article is “typical” of the whole of Israeli Jewish Society?

    Are you serious? What an outlandish claim!

    I don’t think you’ll advance the Palestinian cause by stooping to such vicious stereotyping. What else can this article achieve other than contribute to demonisation of ALL Israelis and ALL of Israeli Jewish Society?

    This article isn’t building any bridges, that’s obvious? And it doesn’t even leave room to attempt to build any as it crudely stereotypes the entirety of Israeli Jewish Society as perpetrators of Abu Graib or some such.

    This is as offensive as if someone portrayed all palestinians/arabs as Islamic lunatic jihadis. The fact you fail to realise it and instead publish such views seriously undermines your credibility imo.


    Thomas Swenson Reply:

    Unfortunately, Mr. Amayreh’s characterization of Jewish-Israeli society is valid. The ethnic cleansing, the daily institutionalized discrimination and humiliation, the brutal occupation, and the crimes against humanity tolerated/perpetrated/condoned by the criminal-robber state are implemented by Israeli governments elected by the majority Jewish-Zionist-Israeli society in free, open democratic elections. The immoral, unjust, inhumane actions of the Israeli state ate, therefore, a valid reflection of the Zionist-Jewish majority’s character (or lack of character). Of course, there are some righteous Jews in Israeli society. Mr. Amayreh did not state there are no righteous Jews. He condemned the IDF and implied it is a valid reflection of Jewish-Israeli society as a whole. He is correct. By the way, the same could be said of US society, which regularly elects Zionist-supporting governments that enable the criminal-robber Zionist state.


    Thomas Swenson Reply:

    Furthermore, since you are “anti-racist”, you should recognize, acknowledge and condemn the fundamentally racist nature of the Zionist state, which was established through ethnic cleansing and which has institutionalized racist-apartheid policies and practices.



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