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  1. james ha at |

    “”Israel cannot fight a war with Iran without full U.S. involvement. Israel needs to know that the United States will finish the war that Israel wants to start.””

    well that is easy enough to arrange; israel can simply attack U.S. with a false-flag terror attack to be blamed on iran. “by deception, thou shalt do war”, isn’t that the israeli motto?
    anyway the U.S. would totally play along with that deception as would the corrupt U.S. congress. hey maybe they can even re-institute the draft!
    not only possible, but a more than likely scenario.


  2. james ha at |

    oops that should read the U.S. MEDIA would totally play along with that deception….


  3. Urod at |

    The Real aim of Israeli to bomb Iran …
    … well , hang on !
    We are having a vocabulary problem : Israel has to be read as Rothschilds( + Builderbergs ) . After all the late 1790′s entangle triangles were the business logo of the … Rothschilds at that time in Germany ( see History of Rothschilds ) .
    So , ya , after arranging and payiong for the creation of Israel through the Beuford ( Stealing ) Acord with Englad dividing Palestine and in turn bringing USA into war against Germany , their sign is on the official Israeli Flag … in your face if you know history .

    So now things became simplified , the Rothschilds / Builderbergs control US , Canada , Israel a good part of Europe .
    What they do not control are Russia and China , mainly . Hence they are the Target , a no-brainer .

    And one way to weaken the target is to eliminate its partners ( nuclear North Korea and Pakistan on part of China , and Romania , Hungary , Poland , Bulgaria ++ ex Soviet muslim countries that I can’t spell ) .

    Also deplete the enemy’s energy supplies , 7% from Sudan and 14 % from Iran to China ,
    while on the Russian side eliminate the dependency of Europe on the Russian gas/oil by winning in Afghanistan and built the pipeline that will by-pass the Russian ones , hence eliberating Europe .

    All go hand-in-hand , a cold war on all fronts but now about to became hot .
    Q : Where will the Rothschilds/Builderbergs hide for a few generation while the earth radiation subsides ? Under water
    by the tropics , Diego Garcia ?

    See a world free of the elite and how is done at RecipeForaNation.vox.com , future shocking .



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