1. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    The HAMAS is a political resistance group of Palestine who stands for the rights of Palestinians and politically elected party
    through a free and fare election to govern Palestine.
    HAMAS was never been a terrorist group in the past or not even now– rather it is a
    patriotic group fighting against Israel’s brutality and atrocity and illegal occupation, to bring independence for the Palestinians.

    Against Israel’s ‘Apache’ helicopter and other sophisticated warheads they(HAMAS) have only ‘Katiusha’ rockets for self defense and merely their lives to make it an end through suicide attacks.It is merely a strategy of fighting against the enemy.If HAMAS is a terrorist organization-what about the IRA.LTTE,MAOISTs of India,BUSK,FARC,KKK,NLFof UK and other who are fighting for their rights and independence?



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