1. Sami Joseph at |

    I have utmost admiration to all those courageous souls who took part in the attempt to break the siege of Gaza. Sadly, they were subjected to what the Palestinians under occupation go through on a daily basis. Isael’s cowardly assault on Mavi Marmara is typical of its specialty: attacking defenceless unarmed civilians. Thanks to people like Iara Lee, Israel’s lies and barbarity are being increasingly exposed despite its control of the western media.


  2. Ruben Misrahi at |

    I respect the report given by Iara, but there are a couple of open question I’d be happy to have an answer for:
    1. The intention of the flotilla was to brake the blockade. The San Remo Manual of International Law justifies blocking vessels that have stated their intention to brake a blockade.
    2. Why was this the only ship where there were problems while the other ships went uneventfully?
    3. I believe only some of the video was released, but it clearly shows an early attack on the Israeli soldiers. Why not comment on that?
    4. There is no mention at all about the rockets that disrupt life in cities near Gaza, or the expressed principle of Hamas of not recognizing Israel, which Israel uses to justify the blockade.
    Few things in life are one-sided. We’re not children rooting here for our team. We have to be mature and understand that there is always more than one side and that we have to address all issues.

    I’d have more respect of Iara if she didn’t have swiping statements that clearly sound demagogic, such as “The Israelis twist around everything,” and focus more objectively on the issues. We all want to get to the bottom of this, not just reward our well-established preconceptions.



    Elias Reply:

    The San Remo manuel does not justifies blockade of vessels engaged in humanitarian missions on international Waters. Read My interview with U.N. Special Rapporteur Richard Falk on the subject.
    click to see his interview. http://intifada-palestine.com/2010/06/richard-falkthe-shock-resulting-from-flotilla-attack-have-reinforced-the-campaign-to-de-legitimize-israel/

    Article 47 (c)(3)(ii) of the Manual exempts vessels from attack if “engaged in humanitarian missions, including vessels carrying supplies indispensable for the survival of the civilian population.” In more general terms, the San Remo Manual, Articles 36-42 underscores the obligation of any attack at sea to be aimed solely at strictly military targets, and to take precautions to ensure that civilians are not harmed. In the instance of the May 31st naval attack it was widely known that these ships were on a humanitarian mission, that the civilian population of Gaza had long been deprived of food, medicine, and building materials necessary for their normal life.UN Special Rapporteur


  3. Sami Joseph at |

    I note that Ruben Misrahi corroborates Israel’s hasbara and that Elias has clarified that there was no justification for Israel’s barbaric assault. As for the other Misrahi ‘hasbara’:
    - All other vessels were seized too. It is only the gravity of Israel’s crime on the Marmara that attracted most attention.
    - The video he talks about is an Israeli production, as was the faked radio message “Go to Auschwitz…”. Besides, the bravery of the unarmed people on the vessel should be praised, NOT CRITICISED, for trying to dislodge the pirates.
    - The rockets he talks about are ineffective devices which pale into insignificance and are usually used in desperation to retaliate against disproportionate barbaric Israeli provocations.
    - Israel does twist everything, period.


  4. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    Dear Lara Lee,
    The truth reveals from your testimony on Mavi Marmara attack by the IDF.Thank you very much for your bravery.
    Take more actions in different ways and means and let people know the facts on Mavi Marmara.
    May ALLAH bless you,your family,the peace loving people and the oppressed Palestinians.



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