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    Since sept 2001 through the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead,over a thousand Palestinian children have been intentionally murdered by Israeli operations in the West Bank and Gaza, some of these murders, reprisals for settler attacks during the secondintifada.

    A Bush/General Dayton/Elliot Abrahms designed coup split Hamas for the PA, after forcing elections that US and Israel negated after Jimmy Carter declared them free and fair.

    Palestinians are summarily awakened and forced to leave their homes while the IDF collects and assassinates their child, before family members with no charges filed, no evidence presented and no habeas corpus rights or Miranda rights extended to these victims of Israeli blind vengeance against Palestinians for just living where Jews from New York, Germany,Australia, Canada and Hungary, Russia and Great Britain feel they should live, because their Jews and for no other reason.

    Hey every body, Israel says, we’re killing off the Arabs in the Holy land and denigrating them torturing their children and ripping up the farms, ripping down their homes to build Israel as we see fit, who cares of Palestinians suffer, they aver, we are the chosen people of God and will not stop ruining Palestine until these people are dead and gone and only Jews live in the Eretz Israel holy land, CAUSE WE SAID SO and out NATO friends will destroy your nations if you try to stop us.

    The above is the message that is construed by the actions of the US and Israel, thumbed nosed Dick Cheney Speak “YOU will NOT stop US” Netenyahu and Bush stated, Obama has accomplished zero in his efforts save for drawing up complex schemes of which settlements stay, which leave which check points go, which roads this which leaders that blah blah blah and not one iota of this negotiated clap trap is ever implemented save for a few economic gains in Ramallah and Nablus,Hebron remains a Settler scourge in progress against old Palestinians trapped by closed markets ands forced to hide and go to and from their homes through tunnels and holes in the walls, over roofs and incrawlspaces where old people ought not to have to go, given their age.

    Settlers harassments, IDF assassinations, foreign sedition, US apartheid regime blind support while the Israel send ops far and wide through the annals of US culture, institutions and finance, Obama has no say in what Israel does to Palestine ,lies about opposing this macabre and horrific treatment of human beings and sends unlimited aid to Haitibecause he has friends American friends there who are suffering. Americans were treated as Gods by the first rescue relief efforts and whisked to safety in the states , no amount of expenditure too much to save these lives, but Gaza rots in hellish conditions as the US and Allies turn a blind eye, dismission the Goldstone report as toilet paper, Congress exalts itself by such arrogance but will be debased when the truth is known that they are the accomplices in the genocide of Palestine by Israel, and will pat dearly once the fullweights of international BDS have been born by US diplomats and lawmakers who support war crimes intent on ethnic cleansing, denigration of non Jews by Zionism and the genocides evident in closing Gaza from rebuilding it’s infrastructure, it is apparent that Gaza is never even mentioned in future nations offers from Israel, how can any offer such as this ever be accepted by Palestine, short answer, Itcan’t, this all is a ruse, a lie a death dealing US empire whose carelessness of it’s stewardship is glaringly apparent and now has caused yet again, a great tragedy in Haiti. May the next earthquake be a ten and hit washington DC square in it’s gut, maybe satisfying world anger by an act of God is better than arguing with empires beasts and beastesses, who smile and bobble head nod, yes, yes yes they say to your face, and when you leave the room,they chuckle to themselves, Jerusalem is our, rubbing grubby little hands together in Palestinian blood, the US is a demon nation now, no matter how they write and squirm, Israel has them pinned like Gulliver, the Lilliputians from Israel, that tiny little speck, has the US braking like a dog and sitting up, shaking hands and rolling over for bones, Great nations don’t do that, do they, so what is American really? a sad dog chained outside in winter with frozen water bowl. so sad.



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