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  1. Lev D. Zilbermints at |

    The article is very interestingly written and provocative. Indeed, with the end of the Cold War, Israel’s asset might have lessened somewhat. However, make no mistake: Israel is still an asset to the United States. Why? Because someone has to keep an eye on Iran and its pursuit of an atomic bomb. Someone has to keep an eye on terrorists in the Middle East, and Israel fits the bill.

    It is well-known that despite their dislike of Israel, Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Gulf States,
    are afraid of Iran even more. Wow! A Shia country upsetting the balance of power where Sunnis dominate? The kings, sheikhs, presidents and emirs just do not want to see Iran upset the applecart.

    Used to be, Saddam Hussein provided the counterweight to Iran. The 1980-1988 war is ample tesimony to that. But now, with Iraq destabilized, Iran is attempting to fill the vacuum of power left by Saddam’s deposition and death. Iraq right now has so many problems… and it is Shia-dominated.

    So what happens? Well, someone has got to be the watchman in the Middle East. And there is only one country that is truly democratic: Israel. That is why, despite all the shouts and demonstrations of outrages against Israel, the Arab governments will tacitly support it. They are too afraid of Iran taking over their share of power. Also, no ruler in Arab countries wants militant Islamists inspired by al-Quaeda. The Arab elites want to keep their power, their wealth and their lives.

    And so there will continue to be a silent, unspoken, tacit agreement between Israel and those Arab elites that are afraid of what Iran and terrorism can do. For both Israel and Arabs it is a matter of political and personal survival.


  2. Klaatu at |

    Truly democratic??? You must surely be joking. Israel was not democratic at its inception (they did not hold an election to establish who would represent the people, nor did they submit a constitution to the U.N.), and has severely limited the rights of 20-30% of its population ever since. North Korea, Israel and the U.S. compete for the most brain-washed population of the world! Israel is a failed state, widely recognized by many peoples (though not by their governments), and the U.S. is awash in un-payable debt. I won’t even mention the Arab dictators who the U.S.’ bidding.



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