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  1. Debbie Menon
    Debbie Menon at |


    Not Just Little Man, Big Name.

    Oh, my God, how does one counter
    such a surreptitiously organized slick
    piece of deceptive tool?

    I recall “The First Gulf War” was,
    basically, brought to us live by “CNN.”

    On the ground, we saw the two stars of
    CNN in action. Peter Arnett in
    downtown Baghdad, pretty much alone.

    Wolf Blitzer chose the opportunistic
    safety of Tel Aviv where all the
    “valuable” contacts were located
    which eventually made him
    Top Banana over Pete at CNN.

    Why ? Simple! The dumb journalist
    Pete never learned how to dissemble,
    play the game and lie for them like
    a “good” embedded (that means
    sleeping in the same bed with)
    journalist should. He had this
    tendency, you see, to see things
    like they were and write about
    them that way.

    This used to be known, in the
    much earlier days as journalism;
    As reporting the news or, telling
    the truth!

    I hope Pete Arnett that small hero
    made it to that little Island in the
    South Pacific, while the Blitzers
    reap the big stakes, paid by the
    Milo Minderbinders.

    What they pay for is what you get!

    Israel 1, the World 0!

    - Debbie Menon -


  2. Patricia at |

    Wolf Blitzer, CNN, is one of the reason that I no longer watch CNN. Ted Turner must deeply regret selling a once reputable news media. Now CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC and their various owners use public airways to dispatch untruths that promote fears and ignorance whether about Canadian or British Health Care, Israeli Government Apartheid of the Palestinians, or the now push to make Iran the next victim of the Israeli and US military. It isn’t only Zionist Jews or Christian commentators, but also newspaper columnists such as Thomas Friedman, David Brooks, Victor Hanson, Charles Kaulthammer, Victor Hanson and others with their subtle and not so subtle negative suggestions about Iran while ignoring Israeli and US nuclear weapons. In this game of distruction of the planet, I plea that my fellow citizens wake up and protest.


    savant Reply:

    Forgot to mention Wolfie’s job as managing editor of the Jerusalem Post.


  3. Matthew at |

    We all know that AIPAC is Israel’s ‘fifth column’ suborning the US congress to the point of literal treason. Eric Cantor could not political exist without AIPAC’s support. Eric is an Israeli firster. His baleful remarks in Israel to an Israeli audience invite speculation that Cantor is positioning for AIPAC’s 2012 Presidential imprimatur. The man is no less dagerous than is Obama.


  4. Rabbit at |

    God help us, the Zionist entity has latched onto our country just as totally as the USA, except that in our case the parasite has a much smaller profile. If AIJAC were as well known to Australians as AIPAC is to Americans they would long since have been kicked out.


  5. Robert Stiver at |

    I keep repeating this, hoping that my “diagnosis”
    will catch fire, become common, and lead to a
    confrontation of this nightmare in which the pitiable
    Palestinians are at ground zero and the rest of us
    watch in horrified, transfixed helplessness:

    Zionism, with its state-terroristic platform in Zionist
    Israel, has become a full-on criminally psychotic
    ideology…and one doesn’t treat psychosis by
    honoring its victim, enabling it via cold cash and
    murderous military weapons, supporting it politically
    and diplomatically with kneejerk fealty, etc. This
    psychosis must be called out, isolated, treated, and
    – if possible — rehabilitated.

    - Robert Stiver -


  6. pete at |

    Rough times ahead for all non-Khazar Goy. Hope we’re all up to the task.


  7. pete at |

    You Western, un-witting lackeys to the terrorist nation of New Khazaria better wake up and take action FAST or you’re going to find your dumb-asses in Iran slaughtering and dying for Israel right up to the point the “Bear” or China steps in and shows you what it’s like to have to stand toe to toe with a WORLD class military instead of those tiny little nations you seem to prefer taking action against!


  8. Truth at |

    The Holocaust is in fact slick marketing, branding, by the Jewish-dominated media. It’s still worth many $Billions in profits to Israeli-owned movie companies, Israeli government recipients of payouts from Germany, and other as blackmail against various countries and companies. In short, I have proof that “The Holocaust” is nothing more than a global mafia extortion racket.
    Eli Wiesenthal himself admitted that the total number of Jews that died in captivity was 2.2 million, not 6 million. The Russians found so-called ‘death camps’ were not used for extermination, but were in fact full of people escaping the westward onslaught of the Soviet armies. Most the victims were not Jews, but Poles, Communists, Russian soldiers, and many German civilins seeking shelter. The US and British non-stop bombardment of the German infrastructure caused a complete breakdown in hygiene, medical care, food at these camps which ended up holding 20 times their original capacity. Much of the rest is fiction. Eli Wiesenthal himself had over time claimed to have been ‘liberated’ from 16 different camps simultaneously. I.e, it’s a scam. The media spun story, and the hype got the Eastern European Jews someone else’s land to settle on (Palestine region former Turkish empire, then British).
    Historians have proven that prior to WWII the population of Jews in the world was 18 million (careful records maintained by Jews themselves),
    and at the end of WWII the population of Jews was actually higher, that is, no difference. There were hundreds of thousands of deaths of
    Jews due to typhus and starvation in Europe, but you didn’t know that 4 million German civilians died of starvation, disease, and from murder by
    Soviet solders and bands of outlaws, and Allied soldiers robbed their homes, and looked the other way during any atrocities committed against German civilians.
    There have been dozens of “holocausts”, including Stalin’s murder of 20 million middle class landowners and business owners in the 30′s and Mao’s murder of 30 million anti-Communist in the middle-class in China. I’m not including the 750,000 Cathars the Pope’s armies exterminated in France in the Middle Ages, or the millions of Druids killed in Europe by the Romans, or the 10 million Native Americans killed by Europeans in the Western Hemisphere.


  9. Henk-2 at |

    @Comment by Rabbit | August 12, 2009

    You are kidding!!!!!!!!!!!

    Australia is run as much by jews as the USA.

    Have you forgotten that Paul Keating wanted to be the Prime Minister, said that there was a contract between him and Bob Hawke?

    Have you forgotten that he mentioned that there was a witness to that contract?

    Have you forgotten that the witness was a jew?

    And Paul finished up Prime Minister and promised to ‘ smash those unions ‘ which he promptly did.

    Not long ago the Pulitzer Prize was issued and all the jews and their organizations were up in arms because the recipient had once been critical of Occupied Palestine.

    Most of the time they like to work in the background, that is until lately.

    But now they are coming forward as are the jews in the USA.

    Don’t be fooled.

    Ask yourself why we are in Afghanistan, a jewish war.

    Why we were in Iraq, a jewish war.



  10. Doug P. at |

    To read about a man who is a former captain in the Israeli army who converted to Christianity and is now in exile from Israel,plz click:www.roytov.com TYVM!


  11. Anthony Clifton at |

    Remember Waco ? The puzzling thing at first for me a Texan, was the 4th Amendment Helicopters firing through the roof of a Church {Christian} Day Care facility, while the “JEWISH” media lied and lied about every FACT from the word “OPERATION SHOWTIME”. The Mass Murder of the Davidians by JEWISH TERRORISTS pretty much OPENED MY EYES to the unmitigated Chutzpah of the Zionazi presstitute{s}. Justice is coming for these vermin/REPTILES…and right soon.[http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?id=149495;article=137591]


    Joe N Reply:

    Justice coming to the Zionists? Yeah sure. How? By beer swilling, porn zombied, drug quaffing Americans? Get real. Americans caused this problem by surrendering their country to treasonous outsiders and have done NOTHING to take it back. LOLOL



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