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    Bravo! George, Cynthia, Mairead, Greta, Michael Prysner, Michael Heart, and the rest of you, for your determination and persistence. You are true democrats and humanists.

    Thanks Elias Farhud of INTIFADA, for your tireless efforts to bring us regular up-dates on the developements as they took place in Egypt and Gaza.

    The MSM (MainStream Media) Editors and Producers don’t see the truth for what it is or knowing it all along, cannot find the spine, or the profitability to change their stance and start writing true stories like this, for a great many reasons, keeping jobs being just one of the obvious ones.

    Most mainstream journalists have always been fence straddlers, go along-get along types, and has, and have simply failed to come to grips with the bottom line in this Neo-Zio-Israeli-American panzer plot either because they are too ignorant, too timid, or like their jobs too much.

    American readership has for long believed everything they read in MSM, which is their primary source of opinion and knowledge.

    You cannot change what the Neo-Zio of MSM publish, or what music the Bandmasters play at this dance, unless you can buy them out.

    “An editor here, or a violinist there, may write the Truth, or play to the true score, but one will not change the Headlines, and the other will not be heard by the audience over all the other instruments playing to the directors beat.” They have been at it for 50 years.

    Which is why, we must encourage and develope more “alternative” music groups like INTIFADA!

    -Debbie Menon-



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